Self-love tools

Self-Love Tools


Tools of the Trade

Tools of the trade are diverse tools or modalities you can explore to rediscover and reconnect to your authentic heartfelt desires. I have included, for many of the tools of the trade listed below, links to valuable resources.


Acupuncture has been practiced in China and its neighboring countries for over 5000 years.  It uses very fine needles to stimulate and/or balance the flow of energy throughout the body. It is used as a form of health maintenance and prevention; and to cure pain and disease.





These are phrases you create to transform negative behaviors or thought patterns into positive ones. Affirmations, to be effective, need to be stated in the positive, present tense, and reinforced regularly. The beauty of affirmations is that you can recite and repeat them anywhere and anytime. To make an even deeper impact you can also choose to write them down. When you write things down you make them more concrete. You can get creative with affirmations, you can write them down, recite them out loud, sing them, record them-then listen, silently affirm them, even, paint/draw images. Take your pick, or better yet alternate between them. Ideally you will use affirmations regularly and often. And inject as much feeling and excitement as you can muster.


Aromatherapy is an ancient healing art that uses essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers to apply to the skin or to be inhaled. It can be used to address a specific emotional disorder, organ dysfunction, physical disorder or pain, discomfort, alleviate psychological disorder, breathing disorder, skin disorder, even bad orders and others.  It can also be used in massages, sexual arousal, as eating stimulator or suppressor, etc.


Painting, sculpting, writing, dancing, performing, and acting are all forms of expression which are liberating and get your juices flowing. It, also, assists in integrating your left/right connection. Artful pursuits stimulate your senses as you lose yourself in beauty, expression and creativity. Immerse yourself in the arts and you will rediscover the childlike wonder of yesteryears; a time of fun and innocence and endless possibilities.


I’m not talking about the very general ones you get in monthly magazines that use just your birth sign. I’m talking about a more tailored and personalized form of astrology that uses your birth chart to map out the location and positions of planets at your time of birth.

Breath work:

This is the conscious use of breathing techniques to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health. Breath work assists in relaxation, meditation, calming, emotional release, and rebirthing.

Chakra Balancing:

Chakras are energy systems in the body, located along the spine and up into the head. The chakras link the physical body with electromagnetic bodies around it. They are like antennas that pick up energy, process, and then distribute it. It is vital that the 7 chakras are open, balanced and in alignment to live a healthy, harmonious, energetic, and fulfilling life.

Therefore, charka balancing is the balancing and alignment of the 7 energy centers or transformers. You can use crystals, Reiki, and a slew of other energy techniques to balance your chakras.


It is an ongoing action-oriented relationship. Often, offering one-on-one customized assistance, tools, inspiration, action blueprint and motivation with emotional and interpersonal relationships, career, finance, health, fitness and/or just about anything one needs. Coaching promotes a positive, non-judgmental environment in which the client feels listen to, supported, and encouraged to maximize their personal and professional potential.  Coaching focuses on promoting and incorporating varies tools and techniques to empower clients to be creative, thought-provoking, and resourceful in taking action toward excellence, and the realization and manifestation of their goals and vision. It is more of a hands-on, proactive, partnership in which the client is encouraged to focus on discovering what they desire to achieve, strategize a plan, take action steps and attain what they desire with “coaching’ to boost motivation, support, accountability and productivity. You can hire a coach to assist you on any ‘challenge’ you are experiencing. If you lack the motivation, skills, tools, and support system to help you accomplish what you want, consider hiring a coach (Me) to light a fire under your tush.


Crystals transmit and receive energy. They can transform, transmit, attract, or repel energy. Crystals enhance the natural energy field of the body. Different crystals have different vibrations that can be used to heal, protect, repair, and energize. They can bring tranquility, beautify, protect, and overall enhance a space or person. Crystals have been used for thousands of years for everything from attracting love, creating positive relationships, healing a heart, physical conditions, emotional imbalances, mental state, for protection, grounding, dispersing negative energy, stimulate creativity, vitality, peace, relaxation, abundance, increase intuition, meditation, spiritual connection and overall well-being.


Emotional freedom technique is based on a new discovery that has provided thousands with relief from pain, diseases and emotional issues. EFT is a mind/body technique because it combines the physical effects of fingertip tapping to stimulate well established meridian points on one’s body with the mental effects of focusing on the pain or problem at the same time, to release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and the emotional core of many physical diseases.

Feng Shui:

Feng Shui is the art of placement to enhance the CHI or the energy in a space. It has been practiced for over 4,000 years. Feng Shui is about creating harmony between humans and its surroundings. Having auspicious Feng Shui attracts health, wealth, harmony in relationships, career opportunities; improve sleep and creativity, among other things.
Feng Shui truly works. After, I started “dabbling” in Feng Shui; I applied Feng Shui principles to my surroundings. My life and that of my soul mate started turning around in a very measurable way.

Quick story; I activated my intentions on our whole house with special emphasis on the career, fame and wealth areas shortly thereafter my soul mate got a phenomenal job, as a bonus he received a substantial increase in both title and money. His ‘reputation’ dramatically improved, so much so that within 5 years he earned 4 promotions. Incredible, but true. I was so amazed by the improvements in our lives that I immediately enrolled in school to earn my certification as a Feng Shui Practitioner. The reward, has been living in Feng Shui heaven ever since.


For me, fitness encompasses exercise, diet and rest. All three are interconnected for overall fitness and wellness. Create a fitness regimen and stick to it. Incorporating a fitness ritual into your life is essential to mind & body & spirit.


Live with an attitude of gratitude. Continually and consistently look for opportunities to be grateful. Be genuinely grateful for your blessings. Being grateful not only promotes inner joy, but it also invites more fortunate blessing for which to be grateful for. Hence, your life becomes a divine cycle of gratitude and blessing.


Hypnosis is used to reach into the subconscious mind for solutions to problems in the conscious mind. It is like being in a state of deep mediation or transcendence. Everyone has experienced hypnosis countless times; for example, when absorbed in a great book or movie, upon awakening.
Contrary to what is perceived in movies and television, hypnosis doesn’t put you under a spell or turn you into a robot that loses all control of what is happening to them. When you are under hypnosis it is similar to being in a waking state. You are in control of your behavior and often can recall the whole experience.  It is often used to reprogram or cure bad habits, disorders, addictions, and stress.


Journaling is simply the act of sitting or lying down and writing what you are feeling. You can do it consciously and deliberately or you can write ‘fast and furiously’ discovering as you go pent up feelings you had been suppressing. Journaling is a phenomenal way to reach deep inside and excavate your feelings. Journaling is a great way to express how you feel, and work through issues that are troubling you. Best of all, it is a great way to record your life blessings and life occurrences.


Mantras is an expression, idea, sacred word or phrase, chant, or sound that is repeated to assist in meditation, transformation of consciousness, calmness, drumming, even during yoga. Mantras assist in experiencing a higher or deeper consciousness or spiritual connection.


Massage uses hand strokes and manipulations to stimulate or relax the body. It is a relaxing and soothing way to assist in the elimination of toxins from the body, reduce swelling after injuries, relax yourself, soothe the nervous system, and reduce stress. There are a number of different massages, Swedish being a relaxing and soothing technique, but there is also deep tissue, medical massages and pre/post natal massages.
Don’t make the excuse that you can’t afford them. You can go to a massage school, for a fraction of the price, were you will be assigned to massage students that need ‘hands-on-experience’ to graduate from school. If you truly can’t afford them, exchange massage treatments with a friend, they massage you, you massage them. Or, better yet entice your significant other to give you a massage, just remember to return the favor.


Meditation is when you empty your mind of chatter, concerns, thoughts, noise for the purpose of relaxation, spiritual connection and/or development. Meditation can also be a deep concentration on just one object, idea, or thing or feeling with the intention for mental development, clarity, sense of inner balance, contemplation. Deep relaxation rejuvenates the body, calms the mind and reconnects the spirit for healing. Meditation is a time to just stop; to just be. Meditation is about being mindful and in the present moment. Meditation has been defined as a time for self-love.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP):

Neuro-Linguistic programming is a behavioral technique with a set of principles used to determine the thinking patterns of a person by analyzing the actions of eye movements, breathing, and other body language. Then, reprograms negative habits, beliefs, and behavior primarily by using visualization techniques. NLP is a method that studies behavior to model and duplicate excellence.
NLP has been used to help with addictive behavior, behavioral development, phobias, learning disabilities, business improvement, personal achievement, relationships, performance enhancement, inter-personal skills.


For more information:



Numerology is the language of numbers. It is a system that studies the relationship between numbers and names. A person’s birth date, name, and other numbers provide insight into who this person is and their talents, skills, life cycles, transitions, challenges, and their path in life. Each number has a particular vibration and the combination of numbers forms a telling vibration. It is a simple system that converts letters into numbers, then, all the numbers are added together to form a final number that can be used to understand that particular vibration.
Numerology can be used for just about anything, for example house numbers/addresses, license plates, telephone numbers, city and state, relationship compatibility, pick a name for a venture, business establishments, to pick a name for a child, the possibilities are endless.

Past-Life Regression:

Past-life regression is exactly what it says, it is. You are placed in a light trance, similar to a hypnotic state. Then you are regressed (taken back) in this life time and in past lifetimes to learn about your lessons and challenges and previous lives.


Pilates is a conditioning exercise program that improves muscle control, flexibility, coordination, alignment, strength, balance, tone and even breathing. It is often used for rehabilitation in hospitals and clinics, for athletic training, in dance studios, as well as, health clubs for overall core conditioning workouts. Pilates is a great because it is a non-high impact exercise that works on the body while being gentle on joints and helps release tension.


Most people are so overworked, overstressed, and over scheduled, they have lost all the spice and juice of living a playful and passionate life. Play; rediscover the things that give you authentic pleasure. Find time for the things you love. Use play time as a way to rejuvenate and reenergize your authentic soul.

Positive Thinking:

This is the process of intentionally directing your thoughts to positive things. Psychologist estimate that the average person has about 60,000 thoughts per day. That’s a lot of thinking.
But, what is even more amazing is that it’s estimated that approximately 95 percent of those thoughts are repetitive. Even, more shocking is that for the average person, 80 percent of those thoughts are negative. You can’t control every thought that goes through your mind, but you are to hold yourself accountable for the thoughts you allow to wallow and take up residence in your mind. You have to make a conscious effort to cancel out and eliminate the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts that propel you forward. Again, this doesn’t mean that you are able to control every single thought. But, it does mean you don’t wallow in misery; day in and day out. Instead, you direct your thoughts to be and feel positive.


Prayer is the practice of communing with God, deity, a saint, or your creator. Prayer is your spiritual connection to your creator. One can engage in prayer anywhere, anytime, not just in religious services, church, synagogues, or particular place.


Reiki is the universal life-force energy. It is a method to activate and balance the life force energy that is in all living things. It is done with a light hand touch or no touching over the body to channel energy over the various organs and chakras. Reiki is used for disease prevention, stress release, emotional and mental issues, physical discomfort or pain, health maintenance, inner peace, spiritual connection. Reiki is a valuable tool that is used by many nurses, chiropractors, massage therapist and healers. Reiki energy healing can be sent long distance, in other words, the client does not have to be physically present.
Reiki has been such an invaluable tool in my spiritual and personal growth that I trained, and earned my certification as a Master Reiki practitioner.


For some religion involves a physical place such as a church or synagogue. This is fine. Others may not see it as necessary to go to a particular place to worship their creator and may choose to worship in their hearts. Other choose a spiritual connection over a formalized religion, this is also fine. Which ever form works for you, establishing a connection with your creator is a great way to develop faith and inner strength. Religion is a personal and private union with each individual’s views as their creator. 

Self-help Books:

There is a plethora of self-help books, personal growth, and inspirational books many are excellent, some are not so great. My thoughts on self-help is that if you can learn, even, one new idea, technology or method to improve your life, then it was worth it. This goes back to the compounding affect and its benefit. Every time you pile on new information and ideas you are creating a compounding effect.

Self-help Tapes/CD’s:

You can buy self-help tapes/CDs for every possible phobia, problem, illness, challenge etc. These tapes/CDs reinforce and inform you of possible solutions, techniques, methods of improving in any area you seek advice. Some tapes are affirmation tapes. Many are inspirational. Others are informational, even hypnotic. Whichever you chose, reinforcement is a great way to transform your limiting beliefs.
I am a total advocate of self-help tapes/CDs. I listen to them constantly. I even play them continuously, while I am sleeping. A neat trick I learned, is to create my own tapes in my own voice (you can use a classical or soothing musical background). Listening in my own voice adds an extra dimension of intensity, urgency and creditability. It is also a low cost-effective alternative to store bought tapes/CDs. Also, when it is your own voice that you are continually hearing, the voice-recognition aspect of listening to your own voice makes it more natural, credible, and acceptable to process and assimilate. 

Silva Mind Method:

This is about learning to use more of your mind. It trains your mind to function at different brainwave levels. The Silva Mind method encourages you to use your brain more efficiently so you can be more well-rounded and productive. It is great for stress reduction, problem-solving and mind development.

I have found their methods very intriguing, so much so, that I chose to become a Silva Mind graduate.

Spiritual Retreats:

A retreat is a great way to get away from the daily chronicles of irritation and noise pollution you are exposed to. Spiritual retreats are a mini sanctuary for the soul to recoup and regroup. It is a great way to get reconnected with the essence of who you are and with nature.

Tai Chi:

Tai Chi is a Taoist martial art form of meditation that is done in movement. It uses mental concentration, breathing, and a series of slow, fluid, graceful body movements. Tai Chi can be practiced for meditation and health. Some of the meditative and health benefits include relaxing and deepening breathing, quieting the mind, aid in digestion, regulating the heart, muscular, neurological, glandular and organic functions. It is an overall graceful, enriching, harmonious, and meditative way to nourish the mind, body and spirit.


Is a powerful subconscious technique, where you create vivid positive mental picture of a desired outcome in order to manifest it in the material world. The more it evokes the senses, stimulates the imagination, and the richer and more vivid it is; the better. Visualization is about faithfully holding a vivid, positive mental picture of what you want with the wholehearted expectation that it is being manifested, even as you are visualizing it. Visualization ideally should be done while in a relaxed manner, performed regularly, with lots of emotional intensity, and with the expectation and belief that it is being manifested.
Affirmations and visualizations complement each other beautifully. I recommend you use them consistently, in tandem. The images you consciously and repeatedly hold are the most dominate and deeply imbedded in your subconscious mind. 


Yoga is a series of exercises that encompasses breathing exercises, poses, body movements, the lifting and manipulations of internal organs, the locking of body orifices, and cleansing techniques. It has many emotional, physiological, mental and spiritual benefits. Yoga is a great way to strengthen and stretch the body while improving mastery over your mind and body to alter your state of consciousness. Yoga facilitates the alignment and unity of the mind, body, and spirit.


Prosperity Affirmations


I have the Midas touch, everything I touch turns to gold.
I am infinitely abundant.
I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.
I am grateful for my infinite abundance.
I am financially independent and secure.
I am unlimited abundance.
I joyfully see every bill paid now.
God/the universe is the source of all my abundance.
My income is expanding everyday.
My prosperity is multiplying everyday.
Money continuously flows into my life.
My life is filled with prosperity, abundance and joy.
I deserve & expect abundance.
It is my divine destiny to be healthy and wealthy.
I bring love and prosperity to everything I do.
I visualize abundance for everyone.
My worth is increased by everything I do.
I succeed at everything I do.
I give myself permission to be wealthy and prosperous.
I give myself permission to follow my dreams.
My abundance keeps multiplying.
I am opened to unlimited wealth and prosperity.
I speak and think of abundance and prosperity.
The things I attract into my life are better than I ever imagined.
I have faith that I will continually attract abundance and wealth.
I have a wealth of talents, which I use to attract abundance.
I am a money magnet. I attract money, prosperity and abundance.
Every day and in every way, I am attracting abundance into my life.
The universe guides and blesses me with money-making ideas.

I save and save, and watch my money grow.
My earnings and savings continue to multiply.
I have multiple streams of income.
I am incredibly wealthy in all areas of my life.
I am infinitely prosperous.
I deserve to be healthy and wealthy.
I am the source of my abundance.
I am very rich in money and spirit.

I choose to be successful and prosperous.
I am financially independent.
My money acts as a magnet to attract more money.
I create abundance through joy and contribution.
My love for what I do attracts infinite abundance.
I respect and honor myself.
I am successful.
I am worthy of prosperity.
I manifest money, wealth and prosperity.
I am magnetic to my highest good.
I am open to receive prosperity.
I save and invest wisely.
I am infinite abundance.
I choose and invite prosperity into my life, now.
My self-worth & net worth are increasing everyday.
I value and respect money & it values & respects me.


“You are more powerful than you know, for you are the author and
architect manifesting your desires into reality.”
-Jacqueline Ortiz


Carrer Affirmations


My career is thriving with more than enough business
I am passionate about my career & I’m enormously rewarded
I excel in my career and in life
My career rewards me with purpose and financial freedom

I’m the top salesperson in my field
I’m an expert in my field and quickly promoted
I am being recognized and promoted for my work
My phone is ringing off the hook with new clients/business
My passion for my career rewards me with lots of perks and financial abundance
I love and enjoy my career
I’m recognized for all my great work
I’m a success magnet
I attract people & circumstances to assist me in furthering my career
I’m rewarded for my great work with a raise & promotion
I’m grateful for my valuable skills and talents.




I’m in a loving and passionate marriage/relationship
I am loyal, faithful and passionate
I am loyal, faithful and devoted to________
Everyday and in every way my marriage is more loving & joyful
My marriage is full of love, trust and loyalty
I love and respect my spouse/lover
I’m in an extraordinary marriage built on love, trust and passion
My marriage/relationship is a true blessing
I’m grateful to be married to the love of my life
I’m open to a healthy and loving relationship
I attract only emotionally healthy & loving people into my life
I’m open to love again
Every day my love & passion intensifies for ______/my partner
I easily and effortlessly attract love and romance into my life
I’m open to attracting the love of my life




I speak and think only positive and prosperous thoughts
I’m always in the right place at the right time
I’m recognized for my valuable skills and expertise
I receive acknowledgment and accolades for______
I’m highly sought after for my______
People recognize my skills, talents and contributions
I’m easily and effortlessly recognized for my contributions




I’m enormously creative & I express my creativity in all I do
I’m blessed with numerous creative talents
I find creative ways to express my feelings and talents
I find innovative and creative forms of expression
I enjoy putting my creative talents to productive uses
I find many ways to express my creative nature
I use my creativity as an outlet for expressing my feelings
I’m divinely creative and imginative
I love expressing and sharing my creativity with others
My children (names) are healthy, loving and happy
My child (name) is completely cured and safe
My child (name) is creative, loving and wise
My children are all fun, loving, healthy and divinely protected
My children (names) always make the best choices




My family loves and accepts me just as I am
I love & respect my family and they love & respect me
I feel blessed to have been born into my family
My parents did the very best they could with the information they had
My family truly has the best intentions for me
I’m blessed to be part of my loving, caring & accepting family
My family loves and supports me in everything I do
My brother/sister love and respect me
My siblings & I have a strong and loving bond
My siblings are very supportive of my dreams


Helpful People/Travel


I feel joyful and safe in all my travels
I feel divinely protected in all my travels
I feel safe and secure in all my travels
I trust that everyday I walk out the door I’m safe
I’m blessed with more friends & helpful people than I can imagine
I attract people into my life who assist me in ______
I’m a magnet for attracting helpful people into my life
I attract the most friendly, sociable and caring people into my life
I attract people who inspire & motivate me to be the best I can be
I’m a magnet for good-hearted & compassionate people
I attract people who assist me in fulfilling my life purpose




I’m wise beyond my years
I gain wisdom through all my life experiences
I trust my inner wisdom to always make the right decision I acknowledge and appreciate my
skills, talents and gifts  I recognize that I am wise and intelligent
My wisdom always provides all the answers I need 
I am wiser that I have given myself credit for
I honor and trust my intuition
I tap into my inner wisdom before making a decision
I trust that all the answers are within me
I’m smart, competent, and insightful




Everyday my health and vitality is getting better
& better I’m living a long, joyous and healthy life
I eat healthy and nutritious foods every day
I drink large amounts of water everyday
My body is my temple and I treat is as such
I’m of healthy mind, body and soul
I radiate vitality, energy and health
I have a strong and healthy immune system
I love my body and my body rewards me with spectacular health
Everyday and in every way my body is healthier
I love exercising and eating healthy
My metabolism is revved up, making it easy to lose body fat
I maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating regime
I am motivated to lose unwanted weight


Disclaimer: The links provided in this website are for your information and assistance. Although, I have personally either used or checked out most of their services and/or products these links do not provide a blanket endorsement. I urge you to look at the links and investigate for yourself if their offerings are in alignment with your present needs. We are not responsible or liable for the information, services or products offered on those websites.


They say, “Put your best foot forward.” I say,
“Put your best words forward.”

-Jacqueline Ortiz