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Welcome to my Self-Love Diva Blog! My vision for this blog is to assist you in developing, nurturing and cultivating a deeply profound and authentic soulful self-love. My mission is to empower you with tools so you can reconnect, embrace and celebrate your soul and your deepest heartfelt passions! I will tap into different modalities and tools-whatever it takes-to help you fall madly and deeply in love with YOURSELF!

What a more fitting day to start a blog about self-love than on July 17th 2017! If you follow numerology you will see that July is the 7th month. It is a 17th universal month (7+2+0+1+7=17) and it’s the year 2017! You won’t get another 1717 for another 100 years! 17 is a very powerful number for manifestation. 17 is the number associated with immortality, leadership, abundance, and legacy.

1717! The time is NOW to embark on your personal journey toward discovering what makes your heart sing….it’s time for you to lead with your heart toward manifesting your true purpose and passion; to bask in the abundant universe and manifesting your heartfelt desires to create your legacy! 

In Tarot cards the number 17 is associated with the Star card! YOU are the star! It is your time to shine your inner light! The Star card is usually a naked woman…to represent a woman who is authentic, confident and true to herself. She is proud and free to be herself-she has nothing to hide. She is free to be herself and shine brightly.

Today is the day for you declare yourself FREE….free from the self-criticism, self- hate, self-victimization, self-deprivation! A day to Free yourself to be YOU! A day to embark on your personal journey to authentic self-love….Soul-Love

Set your intention to embark on your personal self-love journey. Start today! Start right NOW!

What can you do TODAY to nurture yourself? Is it as simple as taking a long bath? Is it looking at yourself in the mirror while repeatedly telling yourself you are lovable? Is it meditating? Is it praying for guidance?


DO something to feed your soul! DO something to signal your soul you are worthy and deserving of self-nurturing!


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